The tick and lizard

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This is a story about the tick and lizard. It also linked it to the Lyme disease
and proved the relationship between the tick and host. I never know such a complicated process. The removed ticks will parasitism the other vertebrates to survive again.  it less feed on the lizard again.
It’s a funny story that I’ve never seen the complicated events between these animal. One tick one host is my thinking before. I think we should make the experience as an example to test if the disease may also occur on the lizard or the other species in Taiwan. I think It will be more interesting.

The disease also can found in Taiwan.
原來在台灣,也有 萊姆病的案例

But we often think the pathogeny is from rat not lizard.
It is the truth about the disease in the human life society, if they ever contact the infected rat that may got infected. It is nothing about the lizard. But we never think the lizard also plays an important role between these. It is more complex than I thought before. If we can search the disease example in Taiwan and discuss the problem between them and others. It is a good project in here. Just a funny message in my mind.

只是應該還很少有人會把 這類的病原導向 lizard
我不曉得自己有看過的tick 是不是也會有這樣的問題
我覺得因為似乎要接觸過 受感染的老鼠,才會因此而生病
的確是挺有趣的 …………………
看來 這些寄生與共生之間的關係,真的比我們想像的還要更複雜

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